“Thank You” for Supporting our Annual 5K Fundraiser!

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We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in our annual 5k run fundraiser last weekend. Whether you donated money as a sponsor, signed up to run, volunteered your time to help, or set up a booth, we say “Thank You” for being a part of this wonderful event.

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We simply could not do it without you!

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We also thank our Public Safety personnel who registered to participate in the Public Safety Challenge. We congratulate the fire department’s team for winning both elements of that challenge and we look forward to hosting this challenge again next year! The fire department’s team walked away with the participation trophy and the fastest group time and they also won bragging rights. Who will win next year?!?!

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We would also like to thank Capital Area Runners for the incredible work they do to make this event so amazing each year! Our Board of Directors is indebted to you all for the countless hours you invest in this run to make it the success it is. Thank you! It is truly inspiring to run alongside your club members!

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Our non-profit program relies solely on the donations we receive from the public and business community to pay anonymous tipsters when their information leads to an arrest and/or case closure. Profits from this fundraiser are vital, as they enable us to continue assisting law enforcement and promoting safe communities and neighborhoods.

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Visit our website often and subscribe to this blog to stay current with our latest news and information on next year’s 5k fundraiser, as well as shred event fundraisers.

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Again, our heartfelt thanks for making this year’s run a success! See you again next year!



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